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When we do blow in insulation first thing we do is install attic insulation rafters along every vent to ensure proper airflow in the attic and protect the insulation from being distressed by outside air. If your home has recess lights we install fire-resistant recess light covers to prevent the insulation from getting in your recess lights. The covers also reduce air infiltration from the attic to your interior. The insulation is blown in from the drywall up and fills all voids to ensure it preforms up to its R-value. Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly product made from recycled materials that are treated for fire resistance. Cellulose is commonly used to bring attic insulation up to required levels at it can be installed over existing materials. Dense pack cellulose is ideal for filling wall cavities and other enclosed spaces. Cellulose is completely resistant to fire, pest and mold which ensures a long lasting solution that won’t lose performance over time.