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Crawlspace Insulation

Most people tend to avoid the crawl space, however the crawlspace is often the most dirty, cold and damp part of a home and they are often unaware of the problems that may be occurring in there. Crawl spaces are a major problem area in a home’s building envelope, as air leakage often leads to energy loss, uncomfortably cold floors, and many other problems.

An Unfortunate fact for homeowners it that many crawl spaces have the wrong insulation, if they have an insulation at all. In either case, this problem causes a home to be uncomfortably cold or hot at different times of the year, and more expensive to heat and cool. A poorly insulated crawl space is also most likely excessively damp, encouraging the growth of mold and wood rot.

The old method to insulate a crawl space was to install fiberglass batts between the overhead joists in the crawl space. This way of insulating a crawlspace is no longer recommended for many reasons.

In a crawl space, fiberglass batt insulation absorbs moisture, which causes it to lose R-value and fall out of place, making it completely ineffective. Damp fiberglass is also a breeding ground for mold and pests which can cause wood rot and threaten the stability for your home.

Premier Eco Builders specializes in insulating crawl spaces to create a clean, energy efficient space that can make your home much more comfortable. If you have issues with cold floors above the crawl space or high energy costs, contact us today to get a free inspection and estimate!

How we solve crawl space insulation problems

Here are our solutions for crawl space efficiency. Rigid foam insulation

To get the results you want, you need a type of insulation that can perform well in crawl space conditions. Unlike fiberglass insulation, rigid foam insulation won’t absorb moisture, lose R-value or encourage mold growth. It won’t compress or fall out of place either, giving you lasting protection.

In crawl spaces (and basements, too), rigid foam insulation is usually installed against the foundation wall. By changing the location of the insulation, the crawl space can be brought inside the building envelope, which improves overall home energy performance. This ensures that rooms above the crawl space are more comfortable and you aren’t wasting energy.