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Energy Auditing

Home Energy Auditing

It’s easy to tell if your home has a comfort or efficiency problem. If you notice some rooms are uncomfortably hot or cold, or uneven temperatures throughout the house, and also high heating and cooling costs,  if you are experiencing any of these issues then most likely upgrades are needed. What you may not know is where to start and to best resolve these issues you shouldn’t rely on guessing, this is where premier eco builders can help.

Our home energy auditing system is designed to identify the specific areas in your home that are causing the issues, whether they’re in the crawlspace, attic, around leaky windows and doors, or in your duct system. Once were aware what is causing these comfort problems, we can recommend the right solutions to resolve these problems.

What to expect from a home energy audit

When premier eco builders evaluates your home, you can rely on a detailed and thorough inspection that will reveal the right answers for your comfort and energy needs. The energy audit process will include testing of home insulation, existing ductwork , and HVAC systems.

After the report is completed we will schedule a meeting to recommend solutions and answer any of your questions you might have.

Home energy audits save you time and money by informing you exactly what solutions will resolve the specific comfort issues in your home

Some energy efficiency problems can be obvious for example it is easy to tell if your furnace isn’t working or if your attic insulation is scarce or uneven in areas. However, it can be a lot harder to know how to fix the one room that won’t seem to stay cool or how to reduce high energy bills. For those issues, a home energy audit will give you the most effective solutions.

Without the complete energy efficiency diagnosis that is provided by an energy audit, it’s tricky to know what upgrades are most essential and in what order you should make these improvements. For example, an energy audit may tell you that instead of replacing your entire HVAC system to lower your high energy bill, you can achieve more effective results with less expensive improvements like replacing only the ductwork and upgrading  your existing attic or crawlspace insulation.

Benefits of energy efficient upgrades

 Comfort: No one wants to be in rooms that are too hot during the summer and too cold in the winter or have to deal with inconsistent temperatures in the house. A home energy audit can pinpoint what’s causing these issues so that the right upgrades can be made to restore your homes comfort.

Savings: Due to the nature of rising fuel prices, it’s essential that your home runs efficiently and home energy audits can tell you the best opportunities for you to save money and effectively resolve your home comfort issues.

Eco Friendly: decreasing you impact on the environment is a priority for a lot of homeowners and Premier eco builders can help you find the best ways to reduce your homes energy use with our home energy audit.

Homes energy usage

Heating and cooling make up the biggest portion of energy usage in a residential home but it’s not only the HVAC system that directly affects this number. leaking ductwork, poor insulation and air leakage points are big factors.