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Wall Insulation

Most attics and crawlspaces remain easily accessible once a house is built, this makes it easier to upgrade and install insulation. For walls in existing homes the space for insulation is behind drywall and exterior siding. wall cavities are harder to reach but insufficient wall insulation can have a huge effect on your homes energy efficiency and comfort. How do we install wall insulation by drilling holes into each beam and dense packing with cellulose insulation. After we are finished we check with an inferred camera to make sure every thing is insulated.

Cellulose Blown-in Insulation

Blown cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly product made from recycled materials that are treated for fire resistance. Blown cellulose is commonly used to bring attic insulation up to required levels, as it can be installed over existing materials. Dense pack cellulose is ideal for filling wall cavities and other enclosed spaces. Cellulose is resistant to fire, pests, and mold, which ensures a long lasting solution that won’t lose performance over time. Cellulose is treated with boric acid that helps repel pests like insects and rodents